Ultimate Organic Gardening 3 for the price of 1 – Hot Bargain Deals
Ultimate Organic Gardening 3 for the price of 1
Ultimate Organic Gardening 3 for the price of 1
Ultimate Organic Gardening 3 for the price of 1
Ultimate Organic Gardening 3 for the price of 1

Ultimate Organic Gardening 3 for the price of 1

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This is a Bunde of 3 Organic Gardening Books worth $69 


SAVE $62

1.Organic Gardener's Composting

worth $ 24.99

This newly released work called Organic Gardener's Composting is the quickest and easiest way to begin successfully gardening today!

Take a look the specifics contained within this amazing book:

  • A simple explanation of composting; how it works, why it’s necessary and how to do it!
  • A season by season explanation of composting
  • Tips on Turning Compost
  • How to Make Humus-step by step!
  • Understanding how Temperature Effects Composting
  • FAQ about Organic Composting
  • How to find more organic composting than your home/land produces to grow even larger gardens
  • How to keep down the smell of a compost/waste bucket

2.Organic Gardening For Beginners

worth $ 19.99

For some people, gardening is a passion. Some people garden just as a hobby. For still others, it’s a way to feed their families. We think Shirley MacClaine’s character in “Steel Magnolias” said it best. “Because that’s what Southern women do – we wear funny hats and grow things in the dirt.”

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction 3
  • Why Garden Organically? 4
  • The Risk of Chemicals 7
  • What Is Organic Gardening? 11
  • Planning Your Garden 12
  • Getting the Soil Ready 14
  • Planting Your Garden 17
  • Starting Seeds Indoors 19
  • Controlling Those Weeds 22
  • Controlling Pests 26
  • Common Garden Pests 30
  • Making Your Own Compost 36
  • Tending the Garden 40
  • Wintering Your Garden 46
  • Recipes for your Organic Garden 46
  • Organic Fertilizer 47
  • Garlic Pest Control Spray 47
  • Dormant Oil 48
  • Homemade Insecticidal Soap 49
  • All Purpose Pest Control Spray 49
  • Bug Juice 49
  • Conclusion 50

Organic Gardening

worth $23.99

3.This Guide Will Help You...

1) Learn to Garden Organically

By reading this e-book you will learn how to garden using no chemicals or outside man made products.  Most of the materials you will need to start a successful organic garden are already in your house!  This guide will explain how to set up your own successful organic vegetable garden with little outside investment.

2) Save money each month

Once you have read this easy to understand guide you will be able to set up your own organic garden and grow your own 100% organic vegetables.  You will no longer have to spend money purchasing vegetables from your local market that will go bad quickly and need to be replaced.  Plus you will no longer have to worry about making last minute trips to the grocery store for vegetables you have run out of or that have gone bad.  

Order Now and start your Organic Garden today!



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