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Classic Pull-Up Sports Expander

Classic Pull-Up Sports Expander

Classic Pull-Up Sports Expander

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Classic Pull-Up Sports Expander

Features & Functions:

1. Elastic spring, durable and not easily cracked. With steel coil, pull-up bar and high-density anti-slip plastic handle, very effective to build your body.
2. Tummy Trimmer: Ideal for toning and strengthening stomach, waist and legs, hips, thighs.
3. Hand Gripper: Strengthen power in fingers and arms.
4. Chest Expander: Building your pectoral muscle, latissimus dorsi, shoulder, and triceps.
5. Easy to Install: Just install it within a minute and you could enjoy your workout.
6. Perfect weight loss fitness device. Used successfully for yoga, fitness classes, physical exercise, and recovery from injury.

Material:PP,Chromium-plated Spring Steel Wire,Thickened Steel Tube
Length:71 cm
Spring diameter:16.5mm
Weight:1230g with accessories
Features:Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
Model Number:Hand Gripper,Chest Expander,Tummy Trimmer
Package Included:
1x Multi-Function Classic Pull-Up Sports Expander

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