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9pcs Large Eye Needles Stainless

9pcs Large Eye Needles Stainless

9pcs Large Eye Needles Stainless

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These great needles have a very large eye and thick shaft to accommodate the thick threads of crochet yarn or other kinds of material used for weaving.

If you want to create decorative stitches for cross stitching and needle point projects then you need them.

The ends are blunt because they are basically used also as finishing needles to seal off the ends of projects like a crochet or knitted piece, or the ends of a weaving project.

They serve to secure the previously formed stitches in place.

They come in three lengths: 3 cm, 5.2 cm, 6 cm long, with needle eye sizes proportional to each length.

This set comes with  9 needles total , including 3 of each needle size.

They are encased in a really neat and convenient plastic tube container for storage.

Material: Stainless Steel
Quantity: 9pcs

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