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Cat & Dog Food Feeders Ball

Cat & Dog Food Feeders Ball

Cat & Dog Food Feeders Ball

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Amazing Interactive Cat & Dog Food Feeders Ball your pet will love this and will play with it every day.

The interactive toy ball easily unscrew's to add food or treats,as well as to make cleaning simple.Hand wash each part with warm,sudsy water.Rinse and dry before filling.

When by putting a portion of your cat's/dog`s treats in this Cat & Dog Food Feeders Ball, they have no choice but to eat what is dispensed. They need more work to eat. This hard word is rewarded with foods or treats, once they come out of the toy.The toy slows down feeding to help aid with digestion and bloating.

The Cat & Dog Food Feeders Ball reduces boredom and destructive behavior though healthy play and exercise while developing and maintaining your pet`s physical alertness, as to fulfill their hunting instincts.


Type : Pet Ball Toy
Material : Plastic
Quantity : 1pcs

Material: Plastic
Power Source: Battery

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