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DIY Firewood Splitter Drill Bit

DIY Firewood  Splitter Drill  Bit

DIY Firewood Splitter Drill Bit

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Save Your Back & Your Time Splitting Wood! 
It's time to stop exhausting yourself with the old axe and use the DIY Firewood Splitter Drill Bit to effortlessly and quickly split wood!
Split your Firewood the easy and fast way with no hassles or big danger.
Recommended Drills.
Electric Hammer Drill, Percussion Drill, should be used.
- round handle: Light Weight Electric Hammer. RECOMMEND 750w or more.
- Square handle: Square handle of heavy-duty Hammer. RECOMMEND 750w or more.
- Hexagon Handle: Electric Drill. Recommend 500w or more. 
Material: High Quality Carbon Steel

Tips for best results!
Start at the end, of the log not in the middle.
Large pieces of wood may be split several times, not too
thick at once.
Question: Does this work with all types of wood?
Answer: Yes, our Firewood Drill Bit is made to easily split any type of wood!
Question: Does this fit all drills?
Answer: Yes, the bit will fit perfectly into any size drill! Simply input the bit into any household drill and it will get the job done! 
Question: Is the drill bit safe to use?
Answer: Yes! The Firewood Drill Bit is perfectly safe to use.


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